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Glittering Your Roots is Now A Trend

By Miss Ameribetch

You can now look like a Glitterator exploded on your side part, on purpose. Apparently covering up your roots with shiny pieces of plastic is a trend now.

All you need to do is lather a little bit of pomade in glitter and you can look like a twelve year old dipped your head in a barbie doll. We're guessing it goes best with already colorful hair. Honestly it doesn't seem like a sustainable option for covering up your roots. But then again, if you're thinking about using glitter to cover up your roots you probably don't really care that much about your roots showing.

This trend reminds us of something but we can't quite place it... oh right, My Little Ponies. I don't know, try it, or whatever. It's better than getting bangs.




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