The Betches Guide to Driving Etiquette | Betches

The Betches Guide to Driving Etiquette

By Sgt. Olivia Betchson

Betches might #130 drive like fucking idiots, but that doesn’t mean we’re apologetic about how shitty we are at operating motor vehicles. Quite the opposite, actually. You’d probably see a betch swerve into your lane while texting, almost clipping you, and then she’d flip you off for being in her way. For the record, it would be your fault.

Being unapologetic at all times is key to getting what you want and winning at all things, whether it be reducing that accident from completely your fault to only 50% your fault, or having the social media intern take the fall for an “insensitive” tweet that was like, really her idea.

Driving is no exception. Just like betches rule the boardroom, they also rule the road. We’ve come up with a comprehensive etiquette guide so bitches can get the fuck out the way, but you also won’t come across as a homicidal maniac (or at least, not that much).




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