The Betches' Guide To LinkedIn | Betches

The Betches' Guide To LinkedIn

By Sgt. Olivia Betchson

Certain milestones are unavoidable in a betch’s life, no matter how undesirable they are. These include having Thanksgiving dinner with your parents, moving, and getting a LinkedIn. LinkedIn is kind of unbetchy because a) betches hate networking, no matter how good we may be at it, and b) LinkedIn isn’t even fun tbh.

Unfortunately, if you want a job, LinkedIn is a necessary evil. Like, it’s 2015, your employers are probably going to look you up on some form of social media. So which would you rather they find: your Facebook, filled with pics of you balls deep in Fireball (because changing your Facebook name to “First Name” + “Middle Name” isn’t fooling anybody), or your boring LinkedIn that’s basically just a glorified resume? If you even have to ask that question you’re probably still living off your parents.

When it comes to social media, LinkedIn is a totally different beast and your usual rules of etiquette won’t apply. LinkedIn is basically like opposite day, where everything you wouldn’t do on Facebook or Insta you suddenly find yourself obligated to doing. Sound confusing? Keep reading.




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