The Betches' Guide To Weight Loss Apps | Betches

The Betches' Guide To Weight Loss Apps

By Sgt. Olivia Betchson

A betch is nothing if not hot and skinny, but let’s be real, it’s fucking hard to stay skinny all the time. Whether it’s the copious amounts of alcohol you drink, the fact that you just came back from Spring Break, or you just really like pizza, every once in a while a betch forgets to not eat and you just like, really want to lose three pounds. So what’s a betch to do? You could log all the calories you eat in a journal (ew), or go on Nutrisystem (does that even exist anymore?), but this is 2015 and if you’re going to outsource your dating life to an app on your phone you might as well do the same thing with your weight loss goals. I’ve broken down a few of the more popular weight loss apps so you can decide what’s best for you.




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