Betches and Packed Party Teamed Up to Bring you the PERFECT Gift for the Holidays | Betches

Betches and Packed Party Teamed Up to Bring you the PERFECT Gift for the Holidays

By The Betches

Happy Holidaze Betches. We have some like, really good news for you. Besides today being the last day of our hugeeeee Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale at Shop Betches we also have something EPIC being released today. We have teamed up with Packed Party and made the best and cutest package gift to send for the holidays. The Happy Holidaze Package. Here's a pic.

SO you prob have 1-2 questions. What is inside? And what's Packed Party? They're an online company that allows you to send themed care packages to start the party for yourself or someone else straight to your doorstep. Their packages are themed from birthdays to break-ups and everything in between. And now the Betches' Happy Holidaze package! All contents come with a letter-pressed card stating what the party is, why it is being sent to you, and Packed Party signs it by YOU, with like a real pen, to make the package that much more personal. Talk about making it easy to be thoughtful without having to do anything, right!?

What's inside: You'll get the Betches' designed exclusive CAN YOU NOT Beanie. Perfect, we know. A gold cuff that says SO FANCY. Even more perfect, we know. And some chic makeup, chocolate covered pretzels, ETC ETC ETC. For $50, literally. We've attached more pics below for you to check out but for now, before they sell out because we only have a limited amount, go to PACKED PARTY to get your Betches' Holidaze Pacakge nowwwwwww!




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