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Have we found neverland?

By meganlindsey

all know the story of Peter pan. A boy who didnt want to grow up so
badly he ran away to a far away land where boys stayed boys and never
turned into men. They were free to do what they pleased, just as
children do. For years the whole thing has been just that; a fairy
tale. However, we find our selves in a time where while women are
distancing themselves from the Disney ideal of damsel in distress,
it seems men are chasing a dream in the opposite direction. Men
everywhere are becoming Peter Pan.

see it daily in my male friends and men I date. Guys later and later
are subscribing to the thought that college doesn't end when you
graduate. Beer pong, messy house parties, causal hook ups empty
cabinets and diry bathrooms are still accptable nearing 27. You can
find it everywhere, in the pooped collar baseball hat backwards
wearing �bro� at the bar with music so loud you can't hear
yourself think, to the skinny jeans wearing, Apple working bearded
hipster who still lives at home with his parents. Men are becoming
younger as they get older.

a 26 year old self sufficent female, I'm in no mind set to �setlle
down�. I'm not looking for a 4 bedroom house, diamond ring and a
baby. I'm not trying to take care of anyone but myself. I am looking
for someone who's maturity level has progressed passed 17. I don't
want beer pong and making out passing as a date; I also don't want
stuffy restaurants with boring conversations and over priced food. I
don't want to be playing �the game� of don't text him until he
texts you for 10 months but I also don't want to move in with you. I
don't want to walk into your apartment to find red solo cups
scattered across the carpet from last weeks �rager� but I also
don't want wine and game night every saturday.

don't want to be out at 2 talking about finding a 4am bar but I also
don't want to stay in every weekend.

I want accepting Friday night is OK to stay in. Saturday it is ok to wake up

before noon. I want honesty and not games. I want to be able to talk
about a month from now and not next saturday. I want emotional
maturity. I want a stable job. I want someone not blaming the world
for their problmes. I want reconizing you're not going to be CEO at
27. I want actual wine/ beer glasses. I want a few drinks at happy
hour on a weeknight. I want a dinner party or a game night. I want
dimly lit quite bars. I want in bed by 1:30am on a saturday. I want
brunch on Sunday. I want movies everyonce in a while. I want to binge
watch Netflix some weekends. I just want to act my age and be around
others who act like it too. I don't think it is too much but it seems
like it might be.

don't know what is to blame; the demasculinzation of men in media,
the rise of the working woman, acess to the younger generation
through social media, what ever it may be while women are becoming
the responsible ones, men are turning into Disney characters




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