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The Healthiest Seeds To Add To Your Food

Walk into any juice bar or organic café and you’ll find chia seed puddings, hemp seed acai bowls, and flax seeds mixed into your Greek yogurt. There are new studies everyday on trendy super food seeds to add to your foods, and popular health gurus swear by them. Can’t figure out the difference between them all? Here’s a ranked list of the best seeds to add to your foods, so you can skip your supplements and feel healthy AF. 

Chia seeds aren’t just some trendy superfood that looks cute in a mason jar on Instagram. With 11 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and tons of healthy vitamins, a serving of chia seeds is the perfect healthy addition to your foods. Blend them into smoothies, mix them into yogurts, sprinkle them in your cereal. Just eat ch-ch-ch-chia.




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