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Healthy Shit To Eat After You Work Out

By Betch Better Ha...

Look get over it, you are not the first human to ever come up with a new years resolution to “get fit” or “get skinny”. So please we do not want to hear about it on Insta or FB or Snapchat, you are not a Kardashian, no ones needs to know what your goals are in life. However, based on your social media activity from December, I would suggest that you actually do make getting skinny your #1 New Years resolution. If you have any level of dedication in achieving this goal than my first suggestion would be to start working out, spinning, barre classes, hot yoga, these are all betchy options. However, that doesn’t mean you can keep on drunk eating pizza and burritos and expect to get Kendall skinny by spring break. So here are a few healthy foods to eat post-Soul Cycle.






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