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Hey Arnold! Characters Ranked By Betchiness

By Jane Duh

For this week’s #TBT, we’re diving back into one of the most beloved of all the ‘90s Nicktoons. I’m talking, of course, about Hey Arnold!: the show about a group of 4th graders who were also kind of high schoolers (they had lockers??) living in a city that is somehow both New York and Chicago where children are apparently allowed to run wild while also caring for their adult guardians, all of whom are suffering from some variety of mental illness.

You know, kids stuff.

Now I’m sure we all remember where we were when we found out that the flannel Arnold wore was not a kilt but rather just the bottom of his shirt coming out of his sweater (#neverforget), but the most important question about the Hey Arnold! series has yet to be answered: which characters are betchy, and which characters are not?

So here is are definitive ranking of Hey Arnold! characters by betchiness. Weird how you’ve been waiting your whole life to read it, huh? 

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If the fact that her name is ‘Rhonda Wellington Lloyd’ hasn’t already sold you on the fact that she is objectively the betchiest character in the series, then here are a few other facts about Rhonda to bring the point home. First off, Rhonda regularly proclaims herself as the “fashion queen” of PS. 118, and she isn’t wrong. Her look consists of a blunt-cut bob with bangs, casual red sweater dress, and some killer black leggings (Lululemon??). Rhonda looks so good that she wears this shit every damn day. Ya girl has been romantically linked to Harold, Sid, Curly, and Arnold himself but she never makes it official with any of them which just goes to show that in Rhonda’s world all dick is up for grabs and there is no such thing as a guy friend.




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