A Definitive Ranking Of HGTV Shows By Betchiness | Betches

A Definitive Ranking Of HGTV Shows By Betchiness

Is it just me or has HGTV fucking exploded over the past year? Back in the day, it was the weird channel my 90-year-old grandma made me watch whenever her soaps weren’t on, but now, here I am, halfway through the weekend still in my PJs watching a Fixer Upper marathon. But like all good TV channels, not all shows are created equal, so we decided to rank the them by betchiness to make sure you’re not watching something lame af.

We’ve all woken up on a Sunday morning and seen this shit on the guide and had our day immediately ruined. If you’ve never seen it, consider yourself lucky, but it’s pretty much just the blonde lady from Good Morning America taking randos to a flea market, having them pick out some ugly piece of furniture and then them refinishing it. It’s a total snooze, Lara Spencer is annoying af, and flea markets freak me out. So not betchy.




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