A Definitive List Of High School Sports Ranked By Betchiness | Betches

A Definitive List Of High School Sports Ranked By Betchiness

Unless you grew up poor or fat, you probably played some sport in high school. Like the members of *NSYNC, not all extracurriculars were created equal. What you spent your time after school playing determined what group you hung out in and what type of betch you were. Several factors determine how betchy your high school sport was including uniforms, difficulty, and campus reputation. Here's the definitive ranking of what your past after-school activity says about you.

This sport in the professional world is played by tall people. While betches love dating and marrying the NBA, unfortunately the WNBA is still operating below a glass gym ceiling. When you think of tall betches, you think more of Victoria Secret models than Lisa Leslie. The uniforms are exactly the same as men's uniforms, which is not ideal for your tan or your dressing slutty game. Unless you're already into ladies (and hey, there's nothing wrong with that), then basketball is not very betchy as a sport. Name three female pro basketball players without Googling it and we'll take it back. You can't, right?




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