The Only 9 Holiday Related Films To Give A Fuck About | Betches

The Only 9 Holiday Related Films To Give A Fuck About

By Betch Du Jour

If you're not an idiot, then you're aware that Christmas and Hanukkah are around the corner/here. Amongst my recommended activities to do during this time of bliss/refreshment/rejuvenation*, the most important activity involves a lot of non-activity. Which is a euphemism for getting high and watching holiday films. Because "tis the season of giving" or something like that, I've decided to put together a definitive list of all the Christmas/Hanukkah related films that you should give a fuck about. No more bullshitting around with your Christmas With the Kranks nonsense. Enough already, Tim Allen!

*Try out a master cleanse. Pretend to be in a coma. Give yourself a colonic. Pen a Real Housewives of Orange County inspired novella. Casually bully Taylor Swift on all of her social media accounts. Try more psychedelics.




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