The 9 Hottest Professional Golfers | Betches

The 9 Hottest Professional Golfers

By LaBetch James

Golf is boring. It is tedious and arduous and every other SAT vocab-word that means "boring AF."

But it's the betchiest of all sports.

Golf is a gathering of upper-class WASPs who drive around on golf carts stocked with Corona Lights. Golf is played by people who can afford to take a few days (or weeks) off for luxurious golf trips at five-star resorts, with massages and tennis classes scheduled after their rounds. Golf is run by individuals who don't worry about student loans or the price of a Fireball shot, and the people we begrudgingly aspire to be.

And then, there are the men (and women) who get paid to golf for the living. The holy grail of professions. '

To celebrate these unique and truly awe-inspiring individuals, we present to you the most attractive and inspirational golfers.




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