How To Assemble A New Bestie Group | Betches

How To Assemble A New Bestie Group

By Betches Staff

You find yourself in a new city. Maybe you moved for your job, maybe for a boy. It’s awesome and you’re loving it, but your usual lady crew is miles and miles away. No more group dinners. No more brunches. No more getting ready together while dancing around someone’s bedroom. There is a besties group-shaped hole in your life.

You probably branched out a little by making everyone you know set you up on friend dates with their cousin or sorority sister or cousin’s sorority sister in your new city. If you’re a reasonably cool and social person, you’ve met some counterparts by now.  At work, pilates, or wherever the fuck you spend your time.

So now you have a few random people that you can call for lunch or a happy hour drink. But everyone knows that the best kind of friendship is the crowd, not the pair. Here’s a guide to assembling a new bestie group.




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