How To Deal With Getting Cut Off | Betches

How To Deal With Getting Cut Off

By Sgt. Olivia Betchson

So, you’re a betch working an entry-level job in PR or you’re an unpaid fashion intern or you’re an aspiring Instagram “model.” (JK if that last one was you, you’re not a betch, you’re a thirst trap and you need to go away). Back to my hypothetical scenario: money is kind of tight, or at least it would be if you weren’t still on daddy’s payroll. Rent is fucking expensive, you’ve been told, and there’s no way you could afford your apartment with a #204 doorman and your weekly drunk brunch excursions and maintain your wardrobe without a little help from the National Bank of Dad. Contrary to what your jealous Nice Girl coworker says, there's no shame in that.

Some betches continue to take out loans from the Bank of Dad forever, or until they find a husband. However, not all betches are this lucky and at some point your parents will probably stop giving you a monthly stipend that you do nothing to earn. Getting cut off from your parents is one of the rudest wake-up calls a betch will ever experience. If you or a loved one has gotten cut off, don’t suffer in silence. Read our tips.

Getting cut off is def a major setback but if you play it right, soon you’ll be back on top again. All the great betches worked from the bottom up at some point. I mean, look at Drake.




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