How To Deal With People Who Are Christmas Obsessed | Betches

How To Deal With People Who Are Christmas Obsessed

By Blackout Betch

Some people just don't understand the word moderation. Betches don’t understand it when it comes to drinking copious amounts of Fireball on Thursday nights when they are sick of not doing work all week. New moms just don’t get it when they post pictures of their newborn to Facebook three times a day. We get it – you’re bored at home covered in vom, but we’re sick of seeing your alien-looking child all over our newsfeed.

The worst type of this misunderstanding is people who are obsessed with Christmas. Any holiday obsession is really fucking annoying, but this one even more because it seems to last the longest. This time of the year should be fun and relaxing yet our stress levels are through the roof because there’s always that one friend who won’t STFU about the three Christmas trees she’s setting up and wears a Christmas sweater 24/7.

Here’s how to put up with the Christmas fanatic who probably will gain 20 pounds from Christmas cookies by New Year’s Eve.




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