How To: Do Vegas Like A Betch | Betches

How To: Do Vegas Like A Betch

By The Betches

Awhile back we told you how much we fucking love Las Vegas, and we hold true to that - we love it. Vegas is a town full of some sleazy ass people who make us feel a little better about ourselves. And it’s also a town where beautiful people, aka betchy tourists like us, get treated like the fucking queens that we are. It’s the city of dreams, an adult Disneyland, if you will.

However, loving Vegas and actually doing Vegas like a betch are completely different things. Vegas is kind of like the bend and snap of cities, if you do it right, it’s going to be fucking awesome.

This betch just recently took a trip to Vegas and in the short increments of time that I wasn’t blacked out, I managed to put together a simple guide to Sin City. Judging from the massive headache, equally massive hickey, and amount of questionable snapchats I have, I did it right.




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