How To Drink Yourself Skinny | Betches

How To Drink Yourself Skinny

By Betchen Wieners

Let’s be real: an essential part of the betch lifestyle is an eternal #5 diet. If you aren’t constantly thinking through your calorie intake and how to achieve a Victoria’s Secret model bod, you don’t want it enough. There are plenty of things we are willing to do without: pizza (expect when drunk), desserts, carbs, etc. I’m pretty sure we could forego anything edible in order to accomplish our skinny goals because, like, we are always capable of losing 3 pounds. However, there is one sacrifice we will never be willing to make: cutting out alcohol. We discussed this earlier with our tips on how to stay skinny while still drinking a shit ton, but we thought you could use some ideas if you’re starting to feel uninspired. So, jump on the treadmill and keep reading, fatties. Here’s how to drink yourself skinny.




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