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How to Handle Your Life Falling Apart on a Sunday

You wake up on a Sunday morning and realize the blacked out fairy tale that is Thursday-Saturday is over. The regrets start to wash over you before you can even look at your Snapchat story to see what dumb shit you did for the past 48 hours.

To make yourself feel better just know if your life doesn’t fall apart at least twice on Sunday, you have a boring AF life. You probably spent all weekend catching up on every show Shonda Rhimes produces, which is like 5 million at this point – AKA a lot of time spent on Netflix.

You may wonder how you'll ever make a comeback from the downward spiral that you are currently in. Don’t start reading Elite Daily articles about how those who encounter hardship are made better because of it. Don’t have a panic attack because you don’t know where your credit card is. Don’t listen to inspirational Demi Lovato songs.

None of those options are betchy so get it together and listen to our advice. We obvs have been through this once or twice…or every Sunday we wake up.

1. Get your ass to the gym




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