How To Make Last-Minute Fourth Of July Plans | Betches

How To Make Last-Minute Fourth Of July Plans

Fourth of July gets a ton of hype every year, and betches live up to it time and time again. Is this because we appreciate America’s founding or whatever the fuck this holiday celebrates? No. It’s because we make bomb plans, travel to sick places, get wasted on yachts, and Instagram the shit out of it. Like, did you even celebrate America’s independence if you didn’t wear an American flag bikini or a tee that says “Make America Drunk Again?” No, you didn’t. But in case you and your friends have been too busy working on your beach bods and haven’t had time to make plans to get to an actual beach yet, here are a few options to help you get your shit together for the best weekend of the summer.

You might not have a house in the Hamptons or a hotel lodge in Vermont, but chances are you have some friends that do. Text your friends in the most ideal locations and score an invite. Be super nice when you ask, and offer to bring some rosé and any other party favors that might add to the weekend. It’s July Fourth. Anything goes.




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