How To Mentally Prepare Yourself For The Victoria's Secret Swim Special

By Betchen Wieners

If you follow at least one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels on insta (which you definitely should if you need reminders to not eat carbs), you are well aware of the rapidly approaching VS Swimsuit Special. As if one show a year isn’t enough to make us hate ourselves for the majority of 2015, they had to go to fucking Puerto Rico and make another one. This one is sure to be extra damaging to our self-esteem because it will focus entirely on swim fashion…aka the least amount of clothes a woman can wear on a non-HBO TV show.

So, this is great news. We were all feeling really great about our pre-Spring Break workouts and diets and now Alessandra and Lily are going to ruin all that by showing us that we will NEVER measure up. It’s almost unfair to air the show during a time of year that we are our palest and most prone to eating bread with every meal. Of course we’ll watch it; that isn’t an option. However, it is crucial to prepare for such an event. Not taking the necessary precautions could result in tragedy (severe depression, broken TV’s, etc). Follow these steps to ensure that your viewing experience is not only enjoyable, but also void of lifelong consequences.




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