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How To Not Be Annoying On Twitter

By Cleobetchra

Twitter is great for things like learning about the news in 160 characters and gifting your twitter followers with a copy of the Instagram you posted fifteen minutes ago, but it’s not great for dealing with people who are annoying. Obviously no one intends to follow a dud account but sometimes your friend posts lame updates every 40 minutes and you don’t have the heart to unfollow her because she’s socially retarded and weird, but she’s your friend.

Here are six rules to not being annoying on Twitter. When used appropriately, they have an 83% rate of return on not being annoying. It’s pretty easy.

1. Don’t act like you’re a celebrity and weigh in on every hot button issue.

It’s tacky and annoying, especially if you have like 130 followers. "So saddened about the Tracy Morgan limo crash. My heart goes out to his family and the other victims as he recovers from the injuries sustained when a Wal-Mart truck crashed into his limo.

2. As a rule, do not tweet about something until you know the details.

Nothing was more uncomfortable than the Sandy Hook ‘Newton' tweets of 2012. Newtown people, Newtown. 

3. Meaningless inspirational phrases. And meaningless capitalization, Jaden.

4. Compulsively retweeting joke accounts is so shady.

I followed you, (you’re welcome) not every random account you think is funny. I get that Not Will Ferrell tweets things that make you giggle but if I wanted to follow that I would, thanks.

5. Humblebrag lifestyle tweets.

“6 mile sunrise beach run and a large iced latte - starting my morning off right”  I never want to hear this, ever. Go write an exercise blog because those are the only people who actually care and won’t want to shoot you.

6. Constant updates.

This isn't your AIM away message. No one needs a play by play. "Starbucks" "Going to the beach!" "Dinner @Lat22 with @JessBarclay" "Late night gym grind" I have no problem unfollowing you if you tweet more than three times a day, especially when your tweets are that annoying.

Tweeting isn’t brain surgery, but you’d think it is because people suck at it so much. Do us all a favor and stick to the classic Instagram brags and tweeting casually like, twice a week or something.




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