How To Not Fry The Fuck Out Of Your Hair | Betches

How To Not Fry The Fuck Out Of Your Hair

By Betches Staff

Yeah summer's great and all—mostly because it's prime tanning season and you get to dress sluttier than usual without getting called out for it, but even sangria season has its downside. Once you get over the fact that the temp is finally going to get above 65, you’re left with the question: What the fuck do I do with my hair when it’s hot as balls?

The thought of heat tools in this weather is almost as cringe-worthy as Andy Sachs’ wardrobe pre-makeover. Not to mention that the sun, beach, chlorine, and all of the other seasonal vices wreak literal havoc on your silky strands, which is so not chill. But since we all know you’re not going to give up any of these summer staples, maybe it’s time you simmer with the curling iron and start taking care of your hair so you don't end up looking like Pretty Woman for the rest of your life. Here are some ways to not fry the fuck out of your locks and keep them protected throughout the heat and humidity.




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