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How To: Not Text Him

By Sabrina the Tee...

If love is a game, then not texting the person you’re interested in is how you win. Just don’t text them. That’s it. “Simple enough,” you might think if you’re Amish or over forty, but this is a skill that requires the determination and self-control of a gluten-free alcoholic at Oktoberfest. It’s incredibly challenging.

The issue lies in our frequent desire to talk to boys, combined with the terrifying accessibility that cell phones provide. If this were the 90’s, we’d just twiddle our thumbs until a hot bro threw rocks at our window, which was the only way people communicated back then. Now, it takes only two shots or a boring Sunday afternoon for us to decide it’s a super good idea to hit up that dude we spent all last week pretending to be apathetic about.This will inevitably result in them becoming less interested in us (feel free to disagree with me, but you’d be wrong), and us losing the game.

So, if you’re thinking about texting him, don’t. Here’s what we recommend doing instead:




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