If You Have To Pick Up A Bro, Here's How To Do It | Betches

If You Have To Pick Up A Bro, Here's How To Do It

Everyone knows that the number one thing on betches' minds is how to pick up bros. While bros are busy worrying about trivial things like how to be good at school, get ahead in their careers, and like what they should wear on Friday night, betches are thinking about taking home a bro from the bar, because it’s just how we’re wired. And since the last thing bros are thinking about is how to bring home a betch, we have to do all the work when it comes to taking home the bacon. Don’t worry though, because we’ve come up with this helpful bro-proof guide on how to do it.

This one is easy. You never want to make a bro feel like he’s special because he might take it the wrong way and think he’s special. When you’re out at a bar, club, or laundromat and you spot a bro you want to talk to, let him know that he’s replaceable by talking to every bro there before you talk to him. There’s no need to pick just one bro you like, because any bro will do.




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