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How To: Recover From A Blackout Texting Situation

By Sabrina the Tee...

Every betch loves her phone like a first-born child, but sometimes these nifty devices can get us into trouble. I’m of course talking about our habit of blackout texting, in which extreme intoxication drives us to contact people we don’t typically speak to in ways that would horrify our sober selves. In terms of things you shouldn’t do while drunk, this falls short only to 1) driving and 2) eating (ew), but sometimes it’s impossible to avoid. The fact that we have an AppleWatch and not a fucking unsend button is beyond me, but until someone figures that shit out we’ll all just have to use the following guide to deal with these cringeworthy situations.

No matter what your level of blackout or how you choose to remedy your heinous texts, just remember one thing: deleting them on your phone should always be the last step. If you can’t see them it’s basically like they never happened. In extreme cases, losing your phone altogether could work quite well. Although if you’re going to go that route you may as well wait for the 6 to come out.




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