How To Recover From Syllabus Week | Betches

How To Recover From Syllabus Week

By Blackout Betch

If you’re lucky enough to call yourself a college betch then chances are you’re most likely sprawled across your bathroom floor, facedown, wondering what the fuck the past week was.

Syllabus week happens because professors are dumb enough to think we aren’t smart enough to read a schedule. It’s one of the few times in our lives when this kind of arrangement works out in our favor.  Tell your dinosaur of a professor that barely speaks English thanks for enabling my weeklong blackout.

While you may think you’ll never make a comeback from syllabus week, you’re clearly lying to yourself because we both know you’ll be at tequila Thursday this week.

Here’s how to get through the first 24 hours of being sober since mid August.




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