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How To Stay BFFs Post Graduation

By The Wicked Betc...

Guys, graduating from college and moving away from all of your friends or having them all move away from you is the absolute worst.  There’s nothing more depressing than realizing you’re going to have to build a new local squad and basically from scratch.

Since these ladies are your ride or dies, you’re going to need to stay bffs with them well, forever. You need these betches to be around to reminisce about that time you puked in your clutch so you wouldn’t have to pay extra in the Uber or how you walked in on your weird freshman roommate having the strangest Skype sex with her boyfriend.

These are the college memories that demand to be replayed.

Your new post-grad friends aren’t going to know about your college days, and you should probably keep it that way.

Here’s how to say besties with your besties, even after graduation.




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