How To Survive A Trip To The Gyno | Betches

How To Survive A Trip To The Gyno

By The Wicked Betc...

There are few things more terrifying than your yearly trip to the gynecologist. It’s terrifying, it’s gross, but let’s face it, betches, if you’re sexually active, it’s a necessity.

You can lie to yourself and think since you always use protection you’re out of the woods for lady parts problems, but au contraire, mon ami. There’s a ton of sketchy stuff that can be happening in your downstairs that you might not even know about. Hell, you don’t even need to be sexually active to go. Maybe you just have periods from hell and want to get some birth control to make all that shit bearable.

Just be safe about your health and body and schedule a visit. Here, we’ll even provide a guide on what to do to survive your trip to the gyno. 




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