How To Survive Your Summer Internship | Betches

How To Survive Your Summer Internship

By Victoria Betcham

Ah, summertime in college. The three to four month stretch of free time that all you young and beautiful assholes should appreciate much more than you do.

What to do with this block of freedom is debatable. Some people use it to work on their tan and relax after their oh-so-stressful last semester. Others travel, some work, and many zip up their big-girl pencil skirt and set off for their summer internship.

For most of us, the summer internship is our first exposure to working in an office and a peek into what life will be like when one day, we emerge reluctantly from the collegiate bubble. It can be a pretty weird transition, from having to wear clothes that make you feel like you’re dressing up as your mom to the shock of having to sit still in the same chair all day.

Here are some tips for surviving your internship while still having a kick-ass summer.




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