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How To Thrift Without Being A Povo

The secret to good style is black is always in. The second secret is thrifting. Our good friend Macklemore wrote a whole song about it, and he was right. When we were younger, we only went to thrift stores when we needed to buy props for our high school play or science project, but as an adult we’ve discovered the treasure troves of thrift stores.

Why thrift when you can afford to pay full price? Ugh don’t be an idiot. Because it’s fun AF and you end up with clothes that nobody else has. Why did Winona Ryder steal when she has money? There’s a thrill in finding a gem item in a pile of thrift store nonsense, and then another thrill when you find out it’s only $8.

The difference between thrifting and being poor is the way you shop. Betches go thrifting because you’re bored, not because you’re out of shirts or you’re in desperate need of underwear. We’re not hating on povos, we’re just saying it’s not betchy. If your life is at the point where you can only afford underwear from a thrift store, you have more things to worry about than being a betch. Like, Republicans don’t hate Democrats, they just don’t want you to think they are one. Point being, if you don’t want people to think you’re poor, don’t go into a thrift store needing anything.

Also, thrifting is usually a weekend activity, and you can pregame it with drunk brunch. Pairing a cheap activity with an expensive one is a good way to add balance to your Sunday.

A thrift store is a great place to find new pieces to anchor your closet. You never know when you’ll find a leather jacket or vintage purse that will be the new piece everyone thinks of you wearing. You could be changing your image with a single purchase.  That’s why it’s important to go for pieces, not basics. You’re not in there to buy a white t-shirt just because it’s $2. You’re on the hunt for clothes with personality, something that is being repurposed but was worn with love. If it’s something that you could get at a Forever 21, then don’t buy it at a thrift store. Because honestly, it probably was from a Forever 21.

The best thrift stores to shop at are curated and usually run by a hipster girl who has watercolor paint tattoos and listens to prog rock. But if you’re not close to hipster second hand stores, Goodwill is surprisingly full of treasures too. You just have to sift through more junk to get to it. But that makes it more thrilling when you finally find something you like.




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