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How To: Win At Orientation Week

Orientation Week is a time we all look back on and remember not remembering. Like what were we thinking? The friends you meet during orientation week you may never speak to again in your four years of college. The key to winning orientation week is to not buy the bullshit your school feeds you about the lasting memories you’ll make. It’s basically the beginning of the Hunger Games, but with less killing and more unprotected sex. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate in the activities, because naturally you’re a social person and you’re going to. Here’s how to win at Orientation Week if you’re a freshman starting school in the next few weeks.

Don’t be thirsty for new friends; everyone can tell right away if you’re too desperate to find your future bridesmaids in the first week of school. Orientation week is a time to try on new friends without making a commitment. It’s like going on first dates—you’re not obligated to keep hanging out with anyone you meet during orientation during the year. This also means you can literally meet as many people as you want until you find people that vibe with you. Once classes start, you’ll naturally end up meeting people through your major or study groups, so don’t spend all your time trying to attach yourself to a group. Plus, if you end up rushing, you’ll end up spending all your time with your sisters anyway.




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