How to Win Your BFF Break Up | Betches

How to Win Your BFF Break Up

By Betches Staff

Betches are the best friends you could ever want to have. That’s why it’s so hard for us to believe a friend could put herself in a situation where she would stop being our bff. Whatever.

Whether she made out with your boyfriend or moved out without paying you rent, it’s obviously not your fault this girl is no longer in your life. It’s time to let that loser know what she’s now missing out on. It’s obvious she deserves to wallow in self-pity after letting you go.

You don’t just go from being the bestie to Betch Enemy No.1 in our fabulous lives with no consequences. True betches don’t get mad; we get even. Here’s how come out as the Nicole Richie of your best friend break-up.




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