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Instagram Launches a Pic Collage App Called Layout

By Miss Ameribetch

Instagram announced today that they have a new app that lets you collate your photos. Basically, it’s pic-stitch, but guess they wanted to get in on the collage game.

Layout is a bit more sophisticated than Pic Collage in that there’s a photobooth element. According to their blog: “For spontaneous moments, we’ve also added Photo Booth. Tap it to start a countdown and capture photos that you’ll instantly see in a layout.”  They’ve also added a Faces tab, which pre-filters your photos to only ones with faces in it.

We already know Facebook recognizes your friends (or just thinks all your Asian friends are the same) with their face recognition setting, and Facebook owns Instagram, so this seems like a logical use of that technology. However, we can’t help but start wondering what else they’ll come up with. Maybe they’ll add a “screenshot” tab, for all your screenshots, or a “party” tab, which pre-sorts by which photos contain bottle service.

The good thing about Layout is there are no native ads or upgrade features – it’s main goal is to create in-house user friendly app for Instagram users. That, and it’s secretly collecting information about your pic-stitch habits for Mark Zuckerburg to sell to advertisors later. Use cautiously.




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