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iPhones Are Getting Rid of Headphone Jacks

By Betch Better Ha...

So it looks like a betchy staple since 10th grade is getting phased out by the only tech company we like, Apple. #MixedFeelings

Sources say that the next iPhone will most likely not have the normal headphone jack anymore, but will only have one hole—the lightning port. I guess I get it from a design standpoint; less is less? Trust me Apple I get it, what we all wouldn’t do to get thin.

But seriously? Do you really think you are that much of hot shit that you can just tell the whole world that, nope you can’t have headphones anymore. Seriously, step off.

You already made us all buy new USB cords when the iPhone 5 came out, now you want to force us to buy new headphones too? Come on, stop being a brat.




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