Is Cady Heron A Betch? An Investigation | Betches

Is Cady Heron A Betch? An Investigation

By LaBetch James

On this day in history, Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was. As with all betchy folklore, her response will always be remembered, fondly and without dispute: "It's October 3rd."

If you ask any learned scholars, there's no question that this was a pivotal moment in the development of this future mean girl prodigy. Cady Heron developed from a fledgling, fringe wannabe to an undisputed mean girl with that one line.

Although Cady Heron is obviously qualified as a mean girl, do her actions truly merit her designation as a betch? We investigate.

Cady Heron is like, so fucking cultured. And while the assholes of North Shore High School may not appreciate her riding elephants and speaking other languages, the betches approve. It's like studying abroad on steroids. Betchy: Yes.




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