Is Cheese Really That Bad For Me? | Betches

Is Cheese Really That Bad For Me?

By Betchy Crocker

Since the dawn of time, betches and cheese have gone together like our other fav combo, wine and cheese. Whether it’s the mozzarella in our fried sticks during a drunken binge, the fancy baked brie at the wedding of your frenemy – even the crumbles of blue cheese topping your petite sirloin – cheese is a betch’s go-to during times of happiness, sadness, or just like, boredom.

But we know it isn’t great for us. Coming from the same family as cream, milk and butter, a betch can’t really argue the nutritional badness of cheese. But is it like, THAT bad – or, better yet, are there BETTER cheeses for the calorie conscious? The answer is a FUCK YES.




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