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Is Rory Gilmore A Betch? An Investigation

The hype surrounding the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls, everyone’s favorite mother-daughter TV show, has spurred some very important questions. How can Lorelai and Rory drink so much coffee without literally exploding? Is it possible to eat as badly as they do and still remain that thin (and if so, is that something the show writers can put into the plot of the next season)? How can so many men propose to just one woman, and why did that take until she was over 30 years old? And most importantly…is Rory Gilmore a betch? Let’s look at the cold hard facts, shall we?

FACT: Rory comes from a wealthy background (Betchy)
FACT: She has the best education money can buy (Betchy)
FACT: She’s naturally gorgeous and seemingly doesn’t have to try at it (Betchy)

Just those truths alone might have you wondering what the point of this article is. Unfortunately, I’m here to prove that Rory is nothing but a nicegirl in betch’s clothing and here are 10 reasons why.

1. Rory studies all day every single weekend. Relax is a 5-letter word, Rory. Chill TF out.




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