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The Top 9 Items That Every Betch Has Lost At Some Point

By Sabrina the Tee...

It's a well-known fact that betches are really good at #139 losing shit. This makes complete sense because we:

a) own a lot of expensive shit

b) get really fucked up

c) have way better things to think about than 'is my purse fully zipped right now,' and

d) get over it in about 10 minutes in the morning anyway.

We're so good at losing shit that we often anticipate this happening before we even go out:

"I'm probably going to lose my jacket tonight so I'll just wear this random one I don't care about." (This will somehow be in your closet 5 years later despite the fact that you've lost 3 Monclers).

Anyway, losing shit can actually be pretty fun because we get to complain about how it was “stolen” for at least a few hours and then use this as an excuse to treat ourselves to something brand new. We might also decide to participate in the Saturday morning scavenger hunt that is attempting to locate these items. If you do, we’ve created a nifty guide detailing where to (probably not) find all of your missing belongings:




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