Why Jack Black Is The Ultimate Bae | Betches

Why Jack Black Is The Ultimate Bae

As we all know, there are guys we meet when we’re younger and tolerate because we’re too naive to know what we want. The Ryan Reynolds of the world, for example. And then there are the guys we strive to eventually settle down with, the ones with class, worldliness and undeniable physical charm. True catches. There’s one guy in particular (you already know exactly who I’m thinking of, I’m sure) who exemplifies all of these qualities that a betch needs in a long-term partner. That’s right, Jack Black.

There are many reasons why Jack Black is the ultimate bae, and at the risk of stating the obvious, let’s review his most appealing qualities that will have your ovaries bursting and your Pinterest page filled with wedding dresses. Brace yourselves, ‘cause it’s about to get sexy in this bitch.




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