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Jennifer Aniston's Diet Is Surprisingly Normal

Because this is a very pressing issue we've all been concerned with, Jennifer Aniston told Elle about her diet, and compared to Gwyneth Paltrow and her weird sex dust smoothies, Jen's seems super normal. Though as manageable as the diet may be, it couldn't get Brad Pitt to stay. So.

Her breakfast is always a warm lemon water plus either a protein shake, avocado and eggs, millet cereal and banana, or oatmeal with an egg white whipped in. So no iced coffee??? JK, maybe this diet isn't so doable after all. Lunch and dinner are a protein with vegetables or salad, and she snacks on apples and nuts. But really, lack of iced coffee aside, that seems like not that complicated of a routine—you could make most of that in a college dining hall. It's like her whole life is the spring break diet, basically. Ugh, I guess this means I should like, actually try this so I can look like Jen?? Uhhh...I'll start tomorrow. Totally.




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