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By The Betches

Welcome to Betches LLC, a funny company for the seriously talented. So you're like, trying to get a job? 

We're thrilled that you're interested in working with us, but we're not currently seeking or accepting submissions via this job page at the moment. If you're still interested and really determined to work with us (and tbh, we don't blame you), we're always open to hanging out with people who are right for our company. You can try emailing us at [email protected] with your experience and the type of position you'd be looking to fill and if we feel like swiping right on you, we'll send you an email back. Or you can just check back on this page over the next few weeks, because we will be updating soon.

Stay betchy. 


For college credit only // NYC // Works in office part time


  • Assist the Marketing Director with daily marketing tasks
  • Assist with reviewing and analyzing marketing analytics
  • Assist with planning and securing Marketing event details
  • Assist Content Creator with Instagram styling
  • Source and secure styling items when necessary
  • Assist the Office Community Manager with relevant office administration such as PR mailings

Desired Qualifications:

  • Minimum high school diploma or GED required
  • Must be based in or near New York, able to work out of our Manhattan office at least 2 days a week
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Must be a self-starter, able to work without constant supervision
  • Previous Marketing & Styling experience a plus
  • Must be able to receive college credit
  • Please note, this is an unpaid position but college credit is available.

The Application:

The subject line of your email should be formatted as follows: FULL NAME - FALL MARKETING INTERNSHIP

  1. Full Name, Age, Hometown
  2. Email address / Instagram handle / Facebook link
  3. Education
  4. Current and past employment
  5. Describe your previous work experiences and relevant accomplishments. Let us know why you want to work for Betches and why you think you're a good fit. Be professional. We do NOT want to hear about how you spent your summer blacking out on boats and blowing off your internship, for obvious reasons.
  6. Please download and fill out this FORM (just standard official stuff) and attach it in a PDF.
  7. Send a link to or attach any relevant, preferably humorous, writing samples.
  8. Email all this to [email protected]!!




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