Johnny Football Is Going To Rehab | Betches

Johnny Football Is Going To Rehab

By Queen Elizabetch

Former Betchy Athlete of the Week: Johnny "Football" Manziel is going to rehab because he's a washed up child star. Apparently partying the night before a game decreases your athletic ability - we fucking learned that during sophomore year lacrosse season. The real question is how the fuck did he pass a drug test?

At one point the Cleveland Browns football team had to send security to his house because he didn't show up for a game, which is some Chuck Bass shit. This guy has an ego the size of China and learned how to be self-centered from his bestie Lebron James. He's the full asshole package: drunk, self-involved, all hype, no game. He's just hoping  they have John Madden video games and girls with daddy issues in rehab.






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