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Kanye's New Video Is Basically A Balmain Ad

By Betch Du Jour

Kanye's new video for "Wolves" feat. Frank Ocean and Sia isn't so much a music video as it is an advertisement for Balmain's new campaign. Which shouldn't come as any surprise since Balmain's designer Olivier Rousteing participates in weekly circle jerks with the whole West and Kardashian family.

Basically the video starts with a bunch of famous models (Allesandra Ambrosio, where'd you come from girl?) walking in a Balmain runway show, and then Kanye shows up crying to damper the mood. Then Sia shows up and is maybe crying (can't tell because of the wig), and then Kim shows up and is for sure crying. And then at one point everyone is crying because there are too many corny bitches they wish they could unfollow. And also they would rather die than be there. Watch the "artsy" 7 minute music video/ad below:

I mean, sure, I love the part where random hands are rubbing some sort of substance all over Kim's face, and sure, I get enjoyment out of LOLing at Kanye's blue contacts and petite stature, but just why? For a family with literally a gajillion dollars, do Kanye and Kim really need to do ad campaigns?

I also feel like this in direct competition with YEEZY Season 3. Then again, I didn't think cutting up Fruit of the Loom sweaters that are sold in packs of 5 was fashion, so what do I know, right?




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