Kendall Jenner Is Voting For Hillary | Betches

Kendall Jenner Is Voting For Hillary

By Queen Elizabetch

Kendall Jenner decided to get political, probably so that she can have some experience before Kanye names her Vice President in 2020. She made her announcement through a selfie on Instagram. Nobody can accuse her of flip flopping, because homegirl is consistent and always on brand.

In the pic she's wearing a Marc Jacobs designed t-shirt - isn't that an oxy moron? - with Hillary's face on it. That's probably the closest Hillary has ever come to designer clothes. 



Shirt by @themarcjacobs. History by @hillaryclinton. #MadeForHistory #ImWithHer @voguemagazine

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on




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