Kesha Drops California Sexual Assault Case | Betches

Kesha Drops California Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Dr. Luke

It might be time to get sleazy again soon, because Kesha has dropped her sexual assault case against her producer Dr. Luke in California. Earlier this year, pretty much the entire internet showed their support for Kesha when she went public with her struggles, but it looks like she's finding a way to work past it.

It's unclear if Dr. Luke made a settlement or anything, but Kesha's lawyer released a statement that she's just ready to do music again and has already turned in 28 new songs to her record label. Btw, she still has other lawsuits against her record label in New York courts, so that should be fun. Keep on fighting the good fight, K.

Honestly we're very excited to have Kesha back on the music scene, because it's been way too long since we've had an acceptable excuse to brush our teeth with whiskey. We should be throwing up glitter any day now, thank God.





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