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Why Kevin Gnapoor Is The Most Underrated Mean Girls Character

By Betch Du Jour

On this day in history, the following events occurred:

October 3, 2004, around 9:00 am: Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was.
October 3, 2004, also around 9:00 am: Cady Heron responded, "It's October 3rd."

The world—eh, ok that's a stretch—was forever changed. But I'm not here to discuss Cady Heron or Aaron Samuels or whether or not it's raining outside (according to Aaron, it is). Because October 3 (aka Mean Girls day) is a day to celebrate all Mean Girls characters. Even the most underrated ones. Like Kevin "The G Is Silent When I Sneak Through Your Door" Gnapoor. 

Kevin Gnapoor

I've been trying to make Kevin G.—aka James Bond The Third—happen since 2004, and yet every time Mean Girls day rolls around, he gets no love by any woman on her bathroom floor. So, this post is an ode to the one, the only, Ohhhh! Kevin G.! And why he's the most underrated Mean Girls character, BYE.


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