Kim Kardashian-West's Biggest Fashion Offenses Betches

Kim Kardashian's Biggest Fashion Offenses In Honor Of NYFW

By Pretty Little Betch

I want to start off by saying I actually love Kim and the entire Kardashian empire. But in an effort to keep Kim humble during NYFW where her husband presented yet another fashion show and her little sister is slaying on the catwalk, I feel it’s time to revisit the good old days. In her defense, the 2000’s were a rough time for everyone’s closet, but boy did she know how to take advantage of the trashiest fads of the time.

1. Hmm… I’m just not sure what she’s going for here so I need a minute to try and figure it out. I think she is going for sexy law student who works as an escort to pay her way through school and wears boots to hide her cankles. This also foreshadows her future wardrobe, ~all neutrals.~




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