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Kim Kardashian Announces She's Not A Feminist, Shocks No One

There are a lot of things Kim Kardashian is good at. For one, her Snapchat game is fire. If you don’t follow her, go do that shit rn. She’s also super successful, and I honestly can’t really tell you how besides KUWTK and like, an app where you pretend to be her or something? Idk. Last, she has the best crying face of all time. One thing she’s not all that great at is knowing what words mean. Case in point, last week at a blogging conference (lol what?) Kim Kardashian announced she was not a feminist for a bunch of reasons that don’t relate to feminism at all. Obvi.

bridesmaids are you fucking kidding me

At first, Kim just mumbled some shit about not liking labels and supporting women and wanting them to do what makes them happy. Then she went on to say that she’s not a “free the nipple” type girl. What the literal fuck does that have to do with feminism? For the record, feminism is just the radical concept that men and women are equals and should have the same opportunities. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about whether or not you shave your legs or hating men or being pro “free the nipple.” Shocking I KNOW.

Chris Pratt Mind Blown

Also, really, Kim? You are not pro "free the nipple"? You, who maintains her relevance by leaking nude selfies on a monthly basis, is not pro "free the nipple"? REALLY?

Weekend Update Really

But whatever. I’m not calling it a total loss because how can Kim not be a feminist without even knowing wtf one is? She can’t, that’s how. Plus, the Kardashian-Jenner ladies are some man-eating girl power betches. I mean, look at all the guys in the fam. I rest my case.

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