We Made Our Own Version of the Kim Kardashian Video Game

By Dom Betchignon

So Kim Kardashian's newest business venture (desperate move for more money and fame) is a video game titled: Kim Kardashian Hollywood. A lot of video games get a bad rep for being too violent but this one may cause the biggest uproar among parents yet. From her posts via Instagram so far we can see that the game involves getting the hottest outfits, hitting the hottest clubs, and going home with the hottest guys. Like sorry but do you really think people who would buy this video game have any potential to get VIP at 1Oak? I guess Kim Kardashian Hollywood is the closest they will ever get to bottle service. Here's a sneak peek of what we think the other levels of the game will be:

5. Ask Ryan Seacrest for a reality show. Bonus points if you can get your first nose job before taping the first episode.

6. Sign on for a second season of your reality show. Bonus points if you start off season two dating someone famous. I.E. Nfl player, nba player, or rapper.

7. Marry your famous boyfriend and get E! to film it. Get another nose job with the money. Bonus points if you get divorced in under 72 days to break Kim's current record.

8. Find a new famous boyfriend and get pregnant asap so you lock him down.

9. Get lip injections so you can excuse them as your pregnancy lips. Bonus points if you don't gain more than ten pounds during your pregnancy.

10. Name your baby something original, like North or Apple. Bonus points if you get a spread in Us Magazine and a proposal from your famous baby daddy.

Congratulations you've won! You're officially a glorified whore.

Congratulations you've won! You're officially a glorified whore.




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